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For Disclosure Packets and Dues Information please contact: JKG Accounting 540-297-8401
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April 10, 2023
7:00pm clubhouse.  Please make plans to attend. 

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  Annual Dues are now due.   

Leaf dump is now open.  $50 for key.  Good for one year.  Email Lloyd Weeks at for info.  Leaves only.  

Community Yard Sale

Come on out and sell some stuff and make some money!!

In the next few weeks, you will see activity starting at the tennis court area in line with the approval given in the March Board meeting. In fact, you may see some activity as early as today, as the vendor is on the way to start prep work.

Cleaning around the perimeter of the fence, limb pruning, pressure washing, and fence painting will be the first orders of business. Thereafter, you will see crack filling and resurfacing. Total timing for the project is estimated to be two to three weeks.

As an additional item, the wall used for practice will remain but it will get a makeover. Our goal is to identify students in the local area with artistic ability to cover the wall with an appropriate mural. We will do so by talking with Staunton River and SMLCA to have them provide potential renderings for us to consider. The identified rendering would then be translated to the wall in Fall 2023.

It is exciting times as we continue our path on rejuvenating our Association.