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For Disclosure Packets and Dues Information please contact: JKG Accounting 540-297-8401
HOA Meeting
September 12, 2022
7:00pm Clubhouse
Beechwood Shores

Community Events

Painting Party, Pool Cabana, Saturday, 9/24.  Volunteers needed.  10am

Pool Closing Party, Saturday, 9/24 at 3pm.  $10 PP.  

Octoberfest, Saturday, 10/1 at 5pm.  $10 PP.  

Halloween Party, Saturday, 10/29 at 5pm.  $10 PP

Leaf dump is now open.  $50 for key.  Good for one year.  Email Lloyd Weeks at for info.  Leaves only.  

Things are continuing to happen in the community, get involved!  Come out to the parties and gatherings, you'll have some fun! 
If you haven't joined our Facebook group and you're a property owner, we urge you to do so! 
2023 Asset Committee
Lloyd Weeks - Chair
Sandy Woodall 
Missy O'Keefe
Sharon Maddox
Contact them for ideas!